Parker wool pants (black)


Parker wool pants offer straight cut, low waistline and moderate pinches for trendy yet versatile fit. We used pure Italian wool with soft, flannelly effect that has optimum density and good dimensional stability.

The fabric we used was produced for Gucci but not used up by brand. We hunt down such textiles in Italy and are always happy to put them to use as they offer unrivalled value for money and contribute to sustainable consumption cause. This way water, energy and other resources consumed to produce the fabric are not wasted plus no new resources are expended to produce extra textiles.


- Low waist
- Pleats
- Side pockets
- Zipper, hook, and loop closure

100% Italian wool

Length (with waistband): 104 см (XXS) 106 см (XS) 106 см (S) 106,5 см (М) 106,5 см (L)
Waist: 68 см (XXS) 72 см (XS) 76,8 см (S) 80,8 см (М) 85 см (L)
Hips:  104 см (XXS) 108 см (XS) 112 см (S) 116 см (М) 120 см (L)

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