women wearing cashmere sweater
written: What's inside. We are a women clothing brand based in Europe (Poland). Having worked on different fashion projects around the world our team created brand Weekend&Beyond in 2020.
text: Our label. We aimed to create a forever wardrobe to
discourage conspicuous consumption that the fashion industry relies on. Collections that are not only beautiful but also fun, not only elegant but also comfortable, collections designed not only for looks but also for living.
text: Sustainability is important
We use surplus textiles from major luxury brands (such as Loro Piana, La Perla, Prada) to makeour clothing. Every year, fashion houses generate millions of meters of fabric that don't go into production for some reason. Generally, these surplus fabrics are not used up in the next seasons and have to be disposed of. By actually using these textiles to produce clothing we make our small contribution to the environmental cause by reducing the global levels of production and ecological footprint.