Johnny's cashmere-blend blazer (chocolate)


Johnny’s blazer-style coat blends together “boy” jacket fit and coating fabric: oversize and voluminous shoulders. We opted for Italian cashmere and wool blend fabric with smooth coating.

About the material:
Guided by sustainable consumption ideas, we used textile produced for but not used up by top-of-the-range brands. This way water, energy and other resources consumed to produce the fabric are not wasted plus no new resources are expended to produce extra textiles.


- Oversize fit
- Button closure
- Side pockets with flaps and decorative chest pocket

10% cashmere, 80% wool, 10% polyamide
Lining: 80% viscose, 20% polyester

We measure every item by hand to help you choose the best fit.

Length: 80 cm
Chest: 124 cm
Waist: 123 cm
Hips: 124 cm
Sleeve: 62 cm

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